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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find product pricing and availibility?
Product pricing and availibility is availible through your local Lithonia Representative. To find out who your representative is, please access http://www.acuitybrands.com/resources/how-to-buy

Who can benefit from using an Intelligent Switching Device?
Institutional and commercial facilities that use an Emergency Power Generator to provide Emergency Power for Elevators, HVAC and Emergency Lighting.

What are the advantages of using an Emergency Generator and the BLTC-I or R?
The requirement to leave Emergency Designated Light Fixtures on 24hours/365 days a year is eliminated, thereby saving energy and maintenance expense.

What is the purpose of the BLTC-I and BLTC-R?
In an ever changing environment to save money and energy, the BLTC-I&R, via the Room light switch,cause the Emergency fixture to act like a Normal fixture. If Normal power is interrupted, it will failsafe to normally closed, mechanically latched Emergency Power contacts. This insures Emergency Fixture illumination when generator comes on line.
Does the BLTC-I and BLTC-R have a UL924 listing?
Yes! File #E206507.

Will it require a retrofit?
Any place where you now have Emergency Ballast fixtures you can insert a BLTC-R in line using a 4/11/16 box or place a BLTC-I directly in the Ballast channel of the Emergency fixture.

What type of switch can you use with the BLTC-I and BLTC-R?
Since the BLTC-I and R are to override switches in the case of Emergency per UL924, you can use Room switches, Photo cells, Time clocks and any other type of switch that can supply BLTC-I and R switch line, with AC line voltage.

What are the electrical requirements?
Both units can be ordered in either 120 volt or 277 volt. Units have surge suppression up to 50,000 volts and have been tested by UL to withstand 10 direct shorts with no adverse effect to units. BLTC-I and BLTC-R both have 10AMP relays, which gives them their 10AMP UL rating for emergency load.
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